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Winning At Casino Blackjack


There are different games a person can play in a casino. How do they choose the “best” one for themselves? Well, one possible answer can be found by asking the following question:  “What game offers the lowest house edge against me, as a player?” There is a clear-cut and definite answer to the question and it IS Blackjack

That being said, that is what you will find here. Information on Blackjack that you can take to the bank and trust, period.

The difference, on this site, is that you will learn the following three steps that any real/actual professional blackjack player in the world has mastered. They have all reached a level of proficiency or skill that puts about 99%+ of players in the world to shame.

If any or all of this sounds interesting to you, you are in the right place and welcome. Read on


AS I just told you, if your desire to learn professional (level) blackjack skills is the goal, welcome and let’s get down to work. There is one thing you will need to keep in mind. The main audience this site is intended for is mostly geared towards a player who already has perfect basic playing skillsThe three steps I mentioned in my introduction that you will have to master are 1) learning how to play perfect basic playing strategy, 2) learning how to count cards flawlessly, and 3) learning how to apply the concept and tactics of “ev/EV” or “Expected Value.”

What I am telling you is that my site can help you learn and perfect the three steps or levels I just spoke about. So, if YOU want to do accomplish these things, this is the place you want to be. 

Don’t let so many other sites and “gurus” fool you and waste your time and money. Forget about listening to and following some site owner or other person who actually has ZERO percent real-life experience in any casino anywhere in the world!! Beleive me, there are plenty of these characters and fakers around online.They can’t and won’t help you at all. They are not worth your time, attention, and effort.


As with anything else in life, it takes the right attidude or attitudes, effort, dedication, and time to learn how to do anything extremely well. So well, the real pros make it look effortless and ridiculously easy. 

If your attitude is that the casino can and should pay during the time you put your money at rish playing the game of blackjackcongratulations. This is exactly what I think and look forward to working with you. If you don’t have this key attitude in place, not to worry. Not all is lost. 

How about this questiion? “Do you play blackjack frequently and would you like to walk away a winner more often than you do now?”

With a “yes” answer, stay. If your answer is no, however, I think you should probably leave since you might not get much out of this site.

Even with only the first step or level discussed above accomplished, the house edge you will be playing against is around 0.5%. In terms of all the games you can play in a casino and taking each of their rules into consideration, this is an excellent or extremely low edge to be playing against. The only other game in a casino that comes anywhere close to this is Craps. That is a game which I will eventually cover in a “sister” site to this one.

In my mind, if I want to enjoy myself AND play at a game that offers me the best chance of winning any money, Blackjack truly can’t be beat! I don’t see how any site can offer a better benefit to the reader (player) than that. 


I am a disabled, Vietnam veteran who has had over 50 years of experience playing in casinos like Atlantic City, Las Vegas (lived there for over a decade) and Laughlin, Nevada, smaller Indian (run) casinos and many small Indian casinos in different states. I can honestly say that I have played many tens of thousands of hands of blackjack. As far as the three steps or levels of play I outlined above, I have already mastered the first two and am closing in fast on the third.

Let the journey begin…



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